Family Tree

Since February 2004, we have begun compiling our Family Tree.
Initially we set out to see how far back we could go with the Greenslade name, but as you will see the tree has grown to include many other names.
Please use the links below to display the details of the Family Tree. We have used two programs to generate the pages, GenoPro and The Dynamic Family Tree.
Both software packages are available to freely download and use.


We use GenoPro to create the family tree, enter all details, generate GEDCOM files and these HTML pages. GenoPro Tree.
We prefer the way that you get to see the layout of the tree as you enter the data, and the way you can zoom in and out.

The Dynamic Family Tree

When the tree icon appears below, click on it to see a 'Dynamic' Family Tree. The tree is shown in a rather nice Java Applet that should run automatically on your PC.

Dynamic Family Tree

If you are unable to view the example DFTs when using MS Internet Explorer, it may help to install the Java Plug-in from Sun Microsystems.

Java Button

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